Who we are

Who We Are

We are a registered non-for-profit foundation in Thailand whose purpose is to empower women and children through personal development.

We provide professional pro-bono coaching, Training and Workshop to case workers under Foundations & Charities whose efforts support Women & Children​

To empower women and children through professional development


A world where all women and children are empowered to realize their fullest potential

To deliver professional coaching and training services that positively impact the personal growth of underprivileged women, children and case workers who support women and children work.

Our Workshop for Women

To The Aspiring Woman Ready To Rise Up And Take Her Leadership To The Next Level....

Join Coach Cristy in this very personal workshop which has been specially designed by Business Women, for Business Women. It is the culmination of Coach Cristy’s decades of work which has supported hundreds of women to their Leadership to the next level.

our Purpose

The Pink Lotus Foundation is for impact foundation registered in Thailand.


We Celebrating The Differences And Including Us As One Where Human Feel Belonging-In Personal Growth’s Journey


Every Engagements We Work Best Intentionally And Professionally With Our Staff’s Volunteers, Case Workers, Partners, And Cases With High Standards And Maintaining The Privacy And Ethics


We Listen Deeply, Ask Thought-Provoking Questions, Coaching Methodology And Therapy To Encourage Shifting In Every Action That We Do

Our Blogs

Voice It Out End Series

As we know that Voice it out is ability to speak of what you want calmly and elegantly without damaging everyone. Voice it out is not gossip, blame or judge. When you voice it out, first, you must acknowledge your feeling. Let it process in your body, and then you think about of, what your outcome? And then you speak

Voice It Out

All of this year that Cristy has become a professional coach and trainer and facilitator, Cristy had worked through her own self first. And then,  she’s able to help others with how to deliver what people think in their mind. And the ability of Voice It Out is not just for women or for children. It’s also with men. It’s

Empowering Women & Children through Personal Development


Deliver professional coaching and training services that positively impact the personal growth of marginalized women and children

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Phone: +66 91 982 0321

Email: cristy@pinklotus-foundation.org