Voice It Out

All of this year that Cristy has become a professional coach and trainer and facilitator, Cristy had worked through her own self first. And then,  she’s able to help others with how to deliver what people think in their mind. And the ability of Voice It Out is not just for women or for children. It’s also with men. It’s every gender on earth, LGBT and everything, yeah. You need to be able to say what you mean with a calm and elegant way that you’re able to. So practically, we’re going to talk about and learn to that.

What is Voice it Out?

Voice it out is the ability to form what we have in our mind. To be in the kind, calm, elegant and say it, share it about our way of thinking to our self to the certain topic that is matter and effect with us.

For example, there is your table moved without asking you or communicating to you in your workplace. They moved your table to the different corner that you’re not happy with.

If you’re not Voice It Out, you’ll keep quiet, not saying it and suppressing it. “I’m not happy with this, but I’m going to keep quiet and sit there, and then keep angry”‘ Build it up day by day and day by day. And then one day, those people who moved your table coming in and then give you maybe a wrong drink. And you burst it out. Boom!

So that’s suppressive.

That’s called Noise It Out.

What is Voice It out in this situation? When you walk in and then notice that your table is being moved to other place. Acknowledge the emotion that rising.

“This is not cool. My table is not there. And how come they get into my personal thing without asking me?, so I’m going to look for the responsible person and then walk to them and ask “What is happening with this? Can you please explain?”.

This is Voice It Out


How to Acknowledge our emotions?

When we get some uneasy feeling. Do not try to pinpoint. Just acknowledge that this is feel very strange and this is not quite right for what is happening. Just acknowledge that. Acknowledge that feeling for a while. Let it sink in for a while, and then think through what is happening here. When you give a couple– I guarantee, give you a couple minutes, like one or two minutes like,

“I feel strange. I feel a little bit uncomfortable.”

“I feel disappointed. I feel that my right is being disturbed.”

“I feel upset. I feel angry.”

So you see that is a step. But usually, when people been in truth in this, they will lavish all. Keep it quiet because they afraid that they going to explode. Just acknowledge that, “I’m angry.”

We must let ourself to process that feeling. Let the body feel. Let ourself to feel what is actually happening. The Majority of our people that have a problem is because we rush into not feel it or to passing it. The feeling is not like that. You cannot just walk past with it. No, you can’t. You need to go through with it. Once you accept what do you feel. The next step is what’s your outcome that you want?

Ask yourself this question: what is the outcome that I want? I want my table back to where I am. That is my outcome. So, whom I should talk to get my outcome? And you stand your ground.

When you’re going to voice it out sometimes you need to ask permission. So that is how you prepare the receiver to be ready to listen on what you want to Voice it out. Always ask permission

Give yourself a chance to shine and acknowledge and be aware of our feeling so we can spread that right and that space to other people to feel the awareness of their own feeling. Not many people are able to give that to people. It looks like a theory, but it’s until you practice it often and often and that it will become installed in your subconscious mind and in your conscious mind