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Through our support to other Foundations’ partner. We aim for empowering their potentials and spread  their own power to others.

Pro Bono Coaching

We provide a group of professional coaches who know from practical experience that coaching can be a powerful personal growth methodology, which enables individuals to embrace the strength within themselves and realize their own potential. Our process of coaching will support mantel’s health and gain more positive thinking.

The coaching assignment has been designed and will be managed and evaluated in line with the Global Standard for Volunteering for Development. 

Services provided by the coach will adhere at all times to international coaching standards, as defined by the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics and Core Competencies.

Chemistry Coaching Session

Coach and coachee will have a chemistry session first before they agreed to have 12 hours coaching session together.

Pre Questionnaire

Coachee will do the questionnaires that make the coach understand coachee's situation, problems and their worried mind.

1 on 1 Coaching for 12 Hours

Within 6 months, coach and coachee will work together as partner for 12 hours to find solutions or problem that coachee would like to solve or learn.

Post Questionnaire

Coachee will do the questionnaires after finish the coaching process for measuring the results!

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Get The Results After Coaching

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Be Able to Deal With Emotional Stress

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Happier In Life

NLP Communication Training

This training allows us to become aware of the mechanics of the mind, so that we can learn how to control our thoughts and emotions. With this new conscious awareness, we learn all the tools & techniques for re-programming our subconscious mind to achieve greater Success and Happiness in all areas of our life & business. In this NLP workshop, we focus specifically on the successful application of NLP skills into developing your Leadership & Communication.

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Gain More Skills After Training

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Fun & Easy to Learn

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Improved Leadership

Develop all areas of our Leadership, including better Communication, Conflict prevention & resolution, Influence, Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, increase EQ, Goal Setting and much more.

Coaching Process

As you discover all the tools & techniques of NLP, you’ll also learn & apply simple & effective Coaching methodologies, systems & processes, making your Coaching & Leadership efficient, productive & replicable with your colleagues & clients.
Great Coaching skills make you a great Leader.

Professionally Accredited

This NLP Leadership Certification Training is internationally recognised by the ABNLP, the World’s largest NLP authority. Each module is carefully facilitated to ensure you learn the theory, demonstration, case study, practice & role play, and finishing with debrief plus Q&A. This ensures the deepest learning & application of all the NLP tools & techniques.

Grow Your Career

these NLP tools are guaranteed to improve your chances of promotion, or will directly & positively affect your Business Growth, through greater Sales, Influence & Leadership.

Empowering Women Workshop

We know that with limited resources, your work is often stressful, under appreciated and never-ending. We’ve created a safe space for you to share your experiences, discover best practices, and learn advanced tools for Communication, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership.

Your facilitator, Coach Cristy, will guide through a process of self-discovery, supporting you to unleash Inner resources, that will help you to grow – individually and together – with beauty and grace. Topics that we will explore together including,

Become a truly compassionate Leader, Regain your Vision & Purpose, Ignite your Empowerment and encourage woman & children to do the same and Create a positive ripple effect in your community


It's a very nice and memorable experience meeting people like you all. Thanks for sharing time, love, appreciation, acceptance and everything positive in you. To our wonderful speaker, thanks for a really amazing knowledge that you imparted us. I really learned a lot, boost my confidence and treat myself like a super queen.
Fe Wilson
I wanted to say that I loved the workshop, I appreciate that you all shared. I especially enjoyed the breakout rooms and I would be happy to be in touch with any of you wonderful women. Christy, you are a powerhouse of information and although I have done workshops many times I have never taken one on this subject. One is never too old to learn - I have already had a meaningful discussion with my husband based only on yesterday.
Ros Rubinstein
I have learnt to build a great relationship with myself and it's pretty solid that I won't let anybody destroy it. I'm not the same person anymore; I have found myself, my passion, my happiness as well as my goals and, all I've been doing is to go for it! I'm a proud single mother of a 4-year-old boy.
Wantida Raksatip

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