Our People

We are a group of professional coaches who know from practical experience that coaching can be a powerful personal growth

Our Founder


Cristy Aphimonthol

Founder of Pink Lotus Foundation

MCC Certified ICF Coach, NCSC Certified

With over 10,000 hours coaching experience and the founding President of the Pink Lotus Foundation. Having coached hundreds of women throughout Asia, Cristy has experienced first-hand the benefits of self-empowerment, and of coaching as the perfect vehicle to supporting these breakthroughs.

“I wanted to thank those women who helped me, by supporting other women who are confronting challenging situations today. I started this work in 2016, by organizing my first Empowering Women Workshop in Bangkok; today, we hold this workshop every six months and reach a global online audience. The founding of Pink Lotus Foundation allows us to embark on the next phase of this journey – mobilizing other professionally-trained coaches to provide individual and team coaching for marginalized women and the case workers who support them. Please join us on this journey. With love and inspiration”

Our Staff

Nadrudee Prakobkaew


Through the trainings and Empowering Women Workshops, Gig has motivated  and become a part of Pink Lotus Foundation willingly to help women and children realized their own potential to make a best life for them.

“Since I have been working with Cristy and Luke, I’ve absorbed coaching process and techniques helping other to realize their own power to take control of their life to be the best version for them.”

Wuttichai Stawaraporn


“I have ever living like sleepwalker without knowing when I woke up for many years. Until one day I met the guy who gave one lotus tome. Lotus is a symbol which help me aware and beyond from sleeping. With this outcome I’m to be one part of Pink Lotus Foundation and waking me up from the bed every morning for helping and support the others receive the Lotus of Awareness as well.”

Aphinya Muneekaew


“Once I start to work in Pink Lotus Foundation, and joined many workshop, I saw many different kind of people, different problems, and totally different way to live their life. And most of people not have a chance like me to joined or learn to improve themself, I am so impressed every times that i am a small part to help those people to be better and see how happy they are. once they are understand themself and change their though to become powerful and believe in themself as I am today.”

Our Coaches

Nattee Tangratchataaree

ACC Certified, Master NLP Practioner, Sales Trainer

Punnapha Kiatpanya

ACC Certified, Specialized in Strategy Planning and Market Expansion

Kamolwan Kaewkoon

NLP Certified Coach, Design Thinking Strategy

Bongkotthip Srithavatchai

NLP Certified Coach, Consultant

Sylvia Tan Choon Teng

Certified Coach, NLP Master Coach

Sarah Meng

Head of Planning Certified Coach

Karen McClymont

ACC Certified and Consultant, NLP & Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner

Benjamin Wood

Potential & Mindset Coach, Certified Coach

Waralee Kaewkoon

Certified NLP Coach, Architect